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Play time by CookiemagiK Play time by CookiemagiK
Thought I should try making one of these giant emotes as well :D

:iconscreamingplz: It's giant Specz! D:

If you want to see more giant emotes and what started this whole trend then check out: [link] :excited:

- 27 frames
- had the colors under control until I started using transparent layers for the reflection in the glasses xD Then it was hard keeping it under 256 <__<
- 5 to 6 hours total

More Specz/llama:
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This really looks outstanding. The pixel art on it looks superb, and I especially love the mouth of the huge emoticon. :lol:

The shine on the glasses, and the reflections of the emotes, look absolutely spectacular. :nod:

The animation, as per usual from you, is superbly fluid. Simple choice of animation, yet executed at such a great level that it looks absolutely sublime.

The addition of the passed out or possibly dead emoticons on the side is a nice touch. :giggle:

Seeing as how this trend is progressing, I'm going to HAVE to make a huge emoticon of my own soon enough. :3
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I love this!! :lol: Your animation is always soooo smoooth! :heart: The shading is gorgeous, by the way, and you overlook nothing. :star: You even highlighted the bottom lip of Dr. Specz's smile. So sweet. So sinister. So...him. 8D

The expressions on all of the little emotes are classic (love the little guy hiding behind his fallen comrade on the right. I can't tell if he's shell-shocked or just cowering and hoping he isn't next). One of my favorite things about your emotes is that they aren't just little round balls: They're squishy! Every time they make contact with a surface, no matter which way they're facing, you can see how they react and mold to it. I love it!

P.S. The fact that you captured the reflections of the juggled emotes in the reflection of Dr. Specz's glasses is such a nice touch. Beautiful all around!

One thing I noticed though, and had a question about: The hands of the little yellow guy on the left tend to flash red whenever the blue emote comes near him. Was that intentional? I thought at first that he was just twitching a bit -- but then noticed he wasn't actually moving; just changing colors. 8D If there was motivation behind that bit of animation, I'd love to know what it was. Pulsing veins, perhaps? :slow: Otherwise, maybe it can be modified a bit to *be* more like a twitch (or just less pronounced in general. Now that it has caught my attention, it wont let go. :XD:)

Thank you so much for sharing! :w00t: Your emotes are always such a treat to see.

(Note on the Star Rating: Because I am not an Emoticon Artist, I don't think I can rate something like this fairly. In my eyes, the technique is great, your vision is spectacular, the impact was fantastic if it can appeal to all sorts of artists, and though the Large Emote idea was spawned by another, your take on it was quite creative and original. So! I apologize in advance if I am skewing your rating. 8D But I wasn't sure how else to rate this piece. xD Cheers, `CookiemagiK!)
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And then you realize, it's not happening:XD:
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OMG IT LOOKS LIKE THE RIDE FROM SPY KIDS MOVIE O: like the ride where it juggles the kids in the air. O: lol
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Is the big guy evil?
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